Preston Lab Retreat & Day Out

On August 16th, the entire Preston lab enjoyed an off campus scientific retreat followed by a group social outing. The morning consisted of presentations by all of the lab members. The PhD students did practice presentations for their yearly mini viva talks, all of which were very good. The postdocs did shorter talks on their major projects including what questions are they answering, progress to date, a timeline for the future, and how their projects could overlap with others in the lab. Finally, Roger wrapped up the scientific session by talking about papers that are nearing publication and major scientific milestones for the lab in the next six to twelve months. It was a very productive morning scientifically for the lab and was enjoyed by all.

In the afternoon after a well deserved lunch, the lab was split into two team to compete in the Mafia theme escape room at AdventureRooms Dublin. Excellent craic was had by all during the two 30 minute competitions! One team was able to escape from both rooms, escaping the second set of rooms with just 30 seconds to spare. The other lab team would have escaped as well if they had another minute or two.

After the escape room, the lab headed to Open Gate Brewery to relax and sample some test beers from experimental brewery at St. James’ Gate. Some of the beers were very enjoyable, while others would definitely not be consumed again (the mango IPA was not well received!). Overall, it was a great day for the lab to set intentions for the upcoming academic year and bond as a group.Preston Lab Aug 2018beer boardP1030959

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